Fatmoose / Raindeer

FATMOOSE and RAINDEER are both founded in 2010 in Denmark by Luca, Thomas and Simon. They originally joined forces in 2009 and with their know-how from extreme sports and backgrounds in either textile or design. They started to make a small number of jackets for themselves that combined durable and innovative fabrics with practical solutions. Demand started to grow from family and friends and the brands FATMOOSE & RAINDEER were founded.

The main philosophy behind the collections is utility and technology. With focus on fabric and function the styles are designed for the challenges of everyday life, but with the strength and details for all possible outdoor challenges.

The approach to the design and construction of the collections is rooted both in industrial as well as traditional fashion design. Giving the collections the functions and features normally used only in professional work wear combined with innovative fabrics and designs.

FATMOOSE is focusing on men’s outerwear.
RAINDEER is focusing on women’s outerwear.
Both brands deliver an outdoor collection for Autumn/ Winter and Spring/ Summer.